Around The League – 3/5/18

We are bringing a new article each and everyday this spring that will go over some important news in the world of baseball as well as any fun and quirky things we may have seen throughout the day! Hope you enjoy and please let us know in the comments what you think!

Kenley Jansen – Worried about tanking? 

Jansen put it on the record today, “There’s one team competing for the title in the NL East!”. He feels that there is not a big enough effort from teams around the league to put a contender on the field year in and year out. He may be right, but the NL East comment may not be 100% true. The Mets have all the pieces to contend in 2018, albeit they may run into the injury bug again. Add onto that the Phillies who continue to build around their young guys by signing a player like Carlos Santana to complement Rhys Hoskins, Odubel Herrera, etc. And last but not least, you have the Braves, who may not look like a contender on paper but they just may be the surprise of the year. Case and point here being Kenley has every right to sit on his high horse because he is on the almighty Dodgers, but before he goes and takes down the NL East he may want to do a little homework.

Washington Nationals Prospect Seth Romero Sent Home for Violating Team Policies

This could be something of note to keep an eye on as Romero is the #5 prospect the Nats have in their system and may just be their best pitching prospect. However, it should be noted that Romero has had some issues with his attitude in the past as he was once suspending twice over a 14-month period while attending the University of Houston. At this point it is unclear exactly what team policy the young lefty violated but it could put him on the back burner as far as getting some more looks this spring.

Ian Happ Blasts 4th Dinger of the Spring

As if the Cubs didn’t already have enough young talent, Happ continues to show that 2017 was no fluke. To this point in the spring, Happ has come to plate 17 times batting .471 with four dingers while driving in seven. He has been doing this all out of the leadoff spot and is likely to start the season there. With Happ hitting for power while getting on base at a high clip he could setup Bryant and Rizzo for monster seasons. Keep an eye on his production as so far he has shown no signs of slowing down.

Shohei Ohtani Watch – 0-for-3 Monday

Ohtani started at DH on Monday getting three plate appearances and only seeing three pitches all afternoon. He is putting the ball in play and if not for a spectacular catch by Billy Hamilton, he would have likely gotten at least a double added to the box score. Through seven at-bats, Ohtani is hitting just .143 but has shown some patience at the plate drawing two walks. It is still too early to tell what kind of success Ohtani will have but at this point things are looking up.


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