Mookie Betts to Start in Place of Mike Trout

The Angels are playing it safe with Mike Trout as they will hold him out of the All-Star Game next week despite reports that he may be ready to play. Mookie Betts will take his place in the outfield picking up the start. Trout has missed just over a month after tearing ligaments in his thumb sliding into a base. Despite some fans possibly be angered over not being able to see Trout play, this is the smart route for the Angels and Trout to take as there is no reason whatsoever to force him back early and risk further injury.

As far as his injury replacement goes, Betts has been solid all year long as he is hitting .285 with 15 HR and 51 RBI. These numbers do not match up to the numbers that we are accustomed to seeing out of Trout but you have to be respectful towards the 24 year old Betts as he has done nothing but swing the bat with the best of them since his call up to the big leagues.


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