2017 Home Run Derby Preview

The contestants for the homerun derby have been announced so let us take a deeper dive into each player and give some insight on what to expect:

Aaron Judge 27 HR

Judge has been the biggest story of the MLB season to date as he has lit up opposing pitchers so far this year. He is on pace for 50+ home runs and has all the tools to put together a monster show in Miami. Out of all the players competing, Judge stands out as the front runner in this one.

Cody Bellinger 24 HR

The rookies are stealing the show in the Derby this year as the league leaders in both the AL and NL are in their first full season in the big leagues. Bellinger has been if not more impressive to start the year than Judge as he was not called up until late April. Put that into perspective, and a full year of Bellinger to this point could mean 30+ dingers. Regardless, the young lanky lefty should give the fans exactly what they want to see.

Mike Moustakas 22 HR

The first real dark horse contender of the event comes in the form of Moustakas. He has never really put up huge power numbers in his career to this point but he got off to a hot start in 2017 and has not slowed down a bit. He hits from the left side giving him a bit of an advantage in the Marlins park but it will be tough for him to keep pace with some of the heavy hitters that he is going up against.

Giancarlo Stanton 21 HR

The hometown favorite without a doubt, Stanton will look to put on a show in his home ballpark. Without a doubt, fans should want to see a final between Stanton and Judge as these two can blast the ball out of the park with ease. Stanton is a past contestant in the derby so he knows exactly what to expect giving him the upper-hand heading into competition.

Miguel Sano 20 HR

The good news for Sano here is that there are no strikeouts in the Derby. If there were, Sano would be the odds on favorite to win the thing. All joking aside however, Sano has been mashing this year and has the type of raw power needed to win this thing. He could surprise some and make a run at the title.

Charlie Blackmon 17 HR

When you hear Blackmon’s name you don’t really think about a power hitter but he has shown that he can combine power and contact to this point in the season. He is not going to hit you moonshots or majestic dingers but he has the capability to get the job done. With the purest swing in the competition, Blackmon could potentially surprise some fans.

Justin Bour 18 HR

Bour got the nod here being from the home town team the Marlins, but he deservedly so gets his chance to shine. His swing from the left side of the plate is something that you are never taught as a young kid but he has found a way to succeed in the big leagues with it. Knowing the park will give him a slight advantage and the fan support behind him should help some too.

Gary Sanchez 13 HR

#IAmGary as he likes to call himself comes into the derby with the fewest home runs but for good reason as he sat out about a month and a half due to injury. Do not sleep on Sanchez as he showed us last year after breaking through into the big leagues that he is capable of hitting dingers in bunches.

24/7 MLB’s Prediction:

Giancarlo Stanton runs away with this one in front of his hometown fans. He enjoys the spotlight and will put on a show for fans of all ages in this one.


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