Yankees Drop 6th Straight After Loss to Athletics

Before we move any further into this article, let’s get one thing straight, the Yankees will be just fine!

Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s take a deeper dive into what actually happened over the past week as the Yankees added a few ticks to the loss column. Well, first things first, this Yankees team does not get blown out. And when I say they don’t get blown out I mean it, throughout the month of June they have lost a total of 0 games by four or more runs. However, they have a record under .500 in that span.

As far as the players go, Aaron Judge has continued his MVP caliber year hitting an astounding .354 with six home runs and 16 RBI to this point. Most would be lying if they saw this type of production coming from Judge as he seemed like a home run or strikeout destined player after watching him throughout the minors. He has shown however, the ability to hit to all fields and be a key contributor in big spots. To put it simply, he is handling the pinstripes just fine and showing just how bright the future of this team can be.

Moving on….next on the list of young talented players….Gary Sanchez. As stated with Judge, Sanchez has to handled the pinstripes better than expected and has batted to the tune of .353 with seven home runs and 21 RBI so far this month. Is everyone now ready to realize that his performance last year was no fluke?

So with some of the key cogs in the lineup pointed out still doing their job, we ask the question, what has gone wrong in the month of June? The simple answer…pitching. Tanaka has not been himself, Pineda and Severino are starting to come back to earth and outside of C.C. Sabathia the rotation is hitting a bit of a rough patch. Let’s dig deeper into the stats.

Masahiro Tanaka (June 2017)

0-2 15.2 IP 11 ER 20 K 6.32 ERA

These are just not Tanaka-esque numbers and it is quite obvious. It is unclear at this point if he is injured and trying to pitch through it or if he is just missing his targets. No matter what the issue may be, the Yankees have a serious issue with Tanaka at the top of the rotation and need to make a change.

All-in-all, the Yankees are a good team and almost certainly a playoff team. They were due for a bit of a regression but do not expect this to last long as the West Coast trip may just have been too much with all the travel.


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