Nationals sign Matt Wieters to a Two-Year Deal

The Nationals have made a late move that could pay off huge dividends if the often injured Matt Wieters can stay healthy for the duration of the season. The Nationals now have a solid power bat in Derek Norris to go along with veteran Wieters behind the plate. It is likely that Norris will see time elsewhere on the diamond, most likely at First Base splitting time with Ryan Zimmerman. The deal for Wieters is two years for $21 million, it is not a very big contract and if Wieters can play at a high level he will come at a bargain of a price. Wieters was able to appear in over 100 games for the first time in three seasons last year so he will look to build on that as well as keeping his power numbers right around 20 dingers. If Wieters fails to stay healthy, the Nationals have set themselves up nicely with the acquisition of Norris early on in the offseason.


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