Breaking News! Red Sox Acquire Chris Sale

The Red Sox made the biggest splash of the offseason to this point as they seemingly came out of nowhere and agreed to trade for White Sox Ace Chris Sale. This trade did not come without taking a hit to the farm team as they were forced to part ways with the #1 prospect in all of the MLB in Yoan Moncada as well as RHP Michael Kopech, RHP Victor Diaz and CF Luis Alexander Basabe.

Sale will undoubtedly make the Red Sox one of the most vaunted starting rotations in all of baseball as he joins the likes of David Price and reigning Cy Young Award winner Rick Porcello. They still have some questions at the fourth and fifth spots of the rotation but when you have a 1-3 punch like this you can make some sacrifices at the lower spots. Clay Buchholz, Eduardo Rodriguez and Stephen Wright will likely fight for the final two spots in the rotation during Spring Training.

With Sale, the Red Sox have acquired a perennial Cy Young Award candidate and a big time strikeout pitcher. Let us have a look at some of Sale’s top stats since taking the league by fire when joining the White Sox staff.

All stats since 2010*

ERA – 3.00

SO – 1244

BB – 260

IP – 1110.0

WHIP – 1.07

SO/W – 4.78

K/9 – 10.1

Let us not forget the haul that the White Sox got in return for Sale as they are getting an All-Star caliber player in Yoan Moncada and a top of the rotation guy in Michael Kopech, who is known to be in 100’s with his fastball. The White Sox now seem to be in full rebuild mode so it will be a few years before we really see these guys make a big impact at the big league level but also expect the Sox to make a few more moves before the offseason is all said and done.


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