Steven Matz Cleared to Throw for Mets

This does not seem like very big news, but for a Mets team that is banking on a healthy pitching staff this is some of the best news they could have got heading into the winter. Matz has shown promise for this staff as the only lefty and someone who can balance out all the hard throwing RHP.

A bone spur in his elbow caused him to miss the last month of the season and was clearly bothering him all season long. The fact that he was cleared to throw so early in the winter is a promising sign as he will be able to go through his regular offseason routine and be prepared for Spring Training.

This Mets pitching staff has a lot going for it as long as they can stay healthy. A staff led by Noah Syndergaard with Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Zack Wheeler all right behind him, this staff has the potential to be something real special. Today was a step in the right direction for this team as their fifth starter and LHP extraordinaire is getting ready for the season.


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