Red Sox, Yankees, Astros & Blue Jays All Interested in Carlos Beltran

As the hot stove continues to heat up, the rumors will start swirling all over. USA Today is reporting that there are several AL teams in on the Carlos Beltran sweepstakes as a possible suitor for the DH spot. Beltran has slowed a bit over the past couple of seasons as he is definitely not the same defensive player he was in his prime, but he has still shown the ability to swing the bat.

Let us take a quick look at how Beltran would stack up on some of the teams that have been reportedly interested in the 39 year old:

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are heading into the season without beloved DH David Ortiz for the first time in over a decade. They have a glaring hole in the lineup due to the loss of Ortiz and Beltran could help plug that up. If the Red Sox expect Encarnacion to head somewhere else, expect them to go after Beltran hard.

New York Yankees

The Yankees are in a bit of confusing spot right now as they seem to be getting younger but at the same time are in on some big time veteran names, Beltran being one of them. With McCann out of the picture, the Yankees could look to Beltran to be a veteran leader in the clubhouse. Though unlikely this deal gets done, you can never count out the Yankees.

Houston Astros

The Astros seem to be putting their name out there with just about every player on the market this offseason with Beltran being the latest. They are retooling the lineup a bit with the acquisitions of McCann and Reddick and could use another power bat in the middle of the lineup. Beltran would take a bit of money to persuade to come to Houston but they have an appealing lineup that may be just enough for him to hop on board.

Toronto Blue Jays

This is an interesting one for the Jays as it seemed like they signed their DH with the likes of Kendrys Morales. Beltran is not much of a defender anymore so it is unlikely they would sign him to be used in the outfield. The Jays could be inclined to use Morales at 1B with Beltran at DH but that is to be seen. Keep an eye on this angle as it is one of the more intriguing rumors.


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