If we were to tell you two years ago that it would be just about written in stone that McCutchen will be traded before 2017 you would have sent us to the loony bin. However, things have changed over the past couple of years and the Pirates seem to be in a transition period and looking past the days of their star centerfielder. McCutchen’s production has taken a bit of a dive over the past couple of years but he still has plenty left in the tank and would be a solid addition to any contender.

At this point, it is unclear what teams are serious about acquiring the All-Star, but it has been clear that the Pirates are serious as they are calling teams to see if they are interested. This is a bit of a shame, as McCutchen was the face of this franchise for multiple years and finally brought them back to the playoffs after years of mediocrity. Wherever McCutchen ends up, he will bring a solid bat and plus defending to the table and may even be the missing piece to a contender. As for the Pirates, they may be heading down an opposite path as losing McCutchen would put them well behind the Cubs in terms of talent.

Keep an eye out for any updates on the McCutchen sweepstakes!